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transport transport café transport optimum transportation medium transport amount transportation transported transporter transporter bridge transportive transposal Phrase Worth for transportation

British speakers also use transportation to confer with the relocating of products or men and women from one spot to a different.

bridge, span - a composition that permits persons or motor vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway and many others.

[one] While the general public encounter on the company is normally connected with upkeep in the condition's immense freeway program, the company is also liable for aviation inside the condition and overseeing public transportation programs.

capable of be transported. vervoerbaar قابِل للنَّقْل преносим transportável přepravitelný, přenosný transportierbar transportabel μεταφερόμενος, φορητόςtransportable transporditav قابل حمل و نقل liikuteltava transportable נִיתָן לְהוֹבָלָה परिवहनीय prevoziv szállítható bisa diangkut flytjanlegur trasportabile 輸送できる 수송할 수 있는 transportabilus transportationējams; pārvadājams boleh diangkut vervoerbaartransportabel, som lar seg transportere nadający się do przewozu د لیږدولو او وړلو وړ transportationável transportabil транспортабельный prepraviteľný, prenosný prenosen prenosiv transportabel, flyttbar ซึ่งบรรทุกได้ taşınabilir 運輸的 переносний, транспортабельний نقل و حمل کا ذريعہ có thể vận chuyển được 运输的

facility, installation - a constructing or put that provides a certain services or is utilized for a particular sector; "the assembly plant is an enormous facility"

Interstate 69/U.S. Freeway 59, the major freeway managing diagonally from the town, has gone through a major widening project lately to accommodate Sugar Land's each day commuters.

to carry (merchandise, passengers and so forth) from a single location to another. The products have been transported by air; A bus transported us with the airport to the city. vervoer يَنْقُل مُسافرين أو بَضائِع пренасям transportar přepravit transportieren transportere μεταφέρωtransportar transportima حمل کردن؛ بردن kuljettaa transporter לְהוֹבִיל वहन करना prijevoz, transportation szállít mengangkut flytja (á milli) traspostare 輸送する 운송하다 pervežti transportēt; pārvadāt mengangkut vervoerentransportere, bringe, sendeprzewozić لیږدول، وړل transportar a transporta перевозить prepraviť, transportovať prepeljati transportovati transportera บรรทุก taşımak 運輸,運送 перевозити; переміщати مال يا مسافروں کو ايک جگہ سے دوسري جگہ لے جانا vận chuyển 运输,运送

government department - a federal Division in The chief department of The federal government of The usa

The Texas Section of Transportation (TxDOT) can be a governmental agency and its objective would be to "offer Secure, effective, and economical movement of folks and products" through the entire condition.

Element of the point out's cowboy legends are according to cattle drives in which livestock was herded from Texas transportation to railroads in Kansas. The 1st railroad in Texas done in 1872, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, diminished the necessity for these drives. The will for some great benefits of railroads was so solid that Dallasites paid $five,000 with the Houston and Central Texas Railroad to change its route by way of its location, rather then Corsicana as planned.

a person or something which transports, especially a major automobile for carrying substantial merchandise. vervoerder ناقِل، ناقِلَه транспортъор transportador dopravce; nákladní vehicle der Transporter transportationør; lastvogn μεταφορέας, νταλίκαtransportador transportija, kaubaauto حمل کننده kuljetusauto, kuljettaja transporteurמוביל वाहक transporter, kamion za prijevoz szállítmányozó pengangkut flutningatæki trasportatore 大型トラック 수(운)송자 pervežėjas, transporteris transportieris; pārvadātājs pengangkut transporteur, transportmiddeltransportør; vogntog transporter حمل کوونکی ، وړونکی transportador transportor транспортировщик dopravca; nákladné auto prevoznik transporter transportör, transportfordon คน หรือของที่ขนส่ง taşıyıcı 運輸者,運輸工具 транспортер, конвеєр مال يا مسافروں کو ايک جگہ سے دوسري جگہ لے جانے والا người, vật chuyên chở 运输者,运输工具)

Alongside most freeways along with the frontage roadways are two to 4 lanes in Each individual way parallel on the freeway allowing quick access to personal city streets. A TxDOT plan improve now boundaries the frontage road construction For brand spanking new highways, but the present frontage will continue being. New landscaping tasks along with a longstanding ban on new billboards are ways Houston has tried using to regulate the potential Unwanted effects of usefulness.

infrastructure, base - the stock of simple services and money tools essential for that performing of a rustic or place; "the commercial base of Japan"

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